The right way to Apply Racing Stripes to an Older Car

You would possibly wish to try including racing stripes. This may divert consideration from the remainder of the paint job.

Identify the kind of stripes you wish to apply, look at pictures of cars on eBay or other internet sites.

Look closely at the design from all potential perspectives and estimate closely the situation, size and orientation of the stripes.

The car must be within the shade and the temperature less than 90F. No wind and good lighting are also crucial

Wash and dry the car.

Use prep wipe to remove grease and wax.

Apply masking tape to stipulate the area to be painted.

Carefully sand the area to be painted, taking care not to harm the tape. Use a skinny rod like a sanding block to shape the sand paper.

Use newspaper and tape to masks massively, to protect the rest of the automotive from overspray.

Spray the realm with the primer.

Start the spray on the newspaper adjoining to the painted area, and keep the spray can transferring past the alternative end. DO NOT STOP OR START SPRAYING INSIDE THE PAINTED AREA.

Utterly opaque coverage with the primer shouldn't be obligatory

Wait the required time, often 30 minutes.

Spray with the color paint, utilizing the same method as with primer.

Complete opacity might be required; often three coats shall be required, utilized 5 or ten minutes apart.

Inspect your job after the final coat and remove all masking earlier than the paint dries.

After the paint has an opportunity to cure (a number of days) think about using a rubbing compound to bring down the edges of the stripes. Consider using a superb clear-coat protectant over the paint. Wash and wax.