How you can Do Maintenance Mass Air Flow Sensor

Do you want that crisp throttle response your truck or SUV used to have ?
The Mass Air Flow sensor is often neglected, especially if the automobile just isn't often serviced at the dealership.
Here's a step-by-step to regain that misplaced horsepower.
It is a great DIY undertaking even for the novice mechanic.

Ready your gloves.
Disconnect unfavourable battery terminal.
That is executed for two reasons.
First, to prevent any electrical damage.
Second, to reset the vehicle's pc and regulate to the brand new Mass Air Flow sensor reading.

Disconnect Mass Air Flow wiring plug then loosen the 2 hose clamps which are holding the Mass Air Flow sensor into place.

Take away the 4 screws around the air cleaner housing.
Then take away the air cleaner housing cover.

Remove Mass Air Flow sensor from air intake.

Place on a shop towel move aspect down.

Spray Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner via the sensor (normal course of move) however in a roundabout way on the sensor leads.
Allow sensor to air dry earlier than re-installation.

Reverse above steps for re-installation.
Ensure to reconnect the adverse battery terminal.

Begin vehicle and test your work.