Easy methods to Change the Transmission Fluid in a 1998 Honda Civic

The 1998 Honda Civic models come outfitted with an computerized transmission. The fluid inside the transmission retains the internal transferring components cool and lubricated so they don't burn up. When the transmission fluid begins to break down, it would cause heat friction to happen on the transferring components, so the fluid must be modified earlier than any harm is done.

Here is The best way to Change the Transmission Fluid in 1998 Honda Civic:


Park the 1998 Honda Civic on level ground and pull the emergency brake out.

Jack the entrance of the automotive up and place the jack stands beneath the frame rail behind every entrance tire. Then lower the Civic onto the jack stands.

Crawl beneath the driver's aspect near the motive force's-side door. Find the transmission drain plug on the decrease driver's aspect of the transmission pan.

Slide the fluid catch pan beneath the transmission drain plug. Loosen the drain plug with the half of-inch drive ratchet and socket. Flip the drain plug counterclockwise to loosen and remove the plug. Look forward to the entire fluid to empty out of the transmission.

Wipe the drain plug off with a clear rag and screw the drain plug back into the transmission. Turn the drain plug clockwise with the half of-inch drive ratchet and socket to tighten the drain plug.

Slide the fluid catch pan out from underneath the Civic. Then find the transmission dipstick on the rear passenger facet of the engine. The transmission dipstick has a small yellow handle on it. Pull the transmission dipstick out of the tube.

Slide the long plastic funnel into the dipstick tube. Pour 4 quarts of the suitable automated transmission fluid into the funnel. Take away the funnel and put the dipstick again into the tube.

Crank up the engine and test the transmission-fluid stage on the dipstick while the engine is running. The fluid degree must be on the "Full" mark on the transmission-fluid dipstick. Inspect the drain plug on the transmission for any leaks while the engine is running. Turn the engine off.

Jack the 1998 Honda Civic up and take away the jack stands. Decrease the Civic to the ground.

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