The right way to Install 5W Angel Eyes Bulbs for BMW E60 5 Series

This installation will present you a short perfect on tips on how to replace the inventory BMW E60 5 Series halogen ring marker bulbs with 5W LED alternative bulbs.

Remove the BMW E60 5 Series headlamp. Open your hood and locate the headlight, there might be 5 Torx screws that should eliminated with a purpose to remove the headlight. Three are positioned on the top extra are behind the headlight. The headlight may must be gently wiggled and moved round to get it out.

Disconnect the headlight: Set the headlight on high of your engine bay and take away the wire harness that is attached to it.

Take away the inventory halogen ring marker bulbs. The reason why we need to take away the headlight is as a result of it is a very tight house to work with and you should have more leverage in changing the light.

After the cap is opened: You will note that the high beam bulb is obstructing the way. Merely twist and take away the excessive beam bulb and set aside. Twist and remove the angel eye bulb as well.

LED Bulbs Alternative: Exchange the inventory bulb with our 5w LED Angel Eye Marker Bulb. Follow the steps in reverse order to re-assembly all the parts again together. Repeat the identical process on the other side.

Hopefully these tips useful