Tips easily take care of the car so durable clutch

Some riders complained that they often replace depleted fast coupling, whereas the lag time replacement clutch plates recently.

One of the most common causes of rapidly ending the clutch plate is a procedure for driving a vehicle that is not good.

For more details, here are informed about the procedure of clutch and clutch driving a vehicle in order to work optimally and certainly not easily damaged.

Coupling mechanism

Clutch Components

Coupling system is divided into a number of components, each of which has a function for optimization tasks to support each other 'intermediary' it.

One set consists of a clutch plate clutch, cover clutch, flywheel, release bearing and

Working Principle Clutch

When the clutch pedal is pressed, the relationship between the engine and drive system (transmission) is lost due to the flywheel (flywheel) and plate / disc clutch (clutch plate) do not intersect so that the power generated by the engine can not be passed on to the drive components. Then, when the clutch pedal is released or not to step on (enabled) then the conducting spin machine will re-move transmission.

Proper use of the coupling:

If the clutch pedal, then press the clutch pedal fully. The aim is that the flywheel (flywheel) and plate / disc clutch (clutch plate) can be completely separated, so as to facilitate the transmission shift lever.

When the clutch pedal is being completely, move the transmission lever.

After moving the transmission lever, then release the clutch pedal slowly aligned with the stamping on the accelerator so that the vehicle can run smoothly and not make the vehicle jump.

Incorrect use of the clutch:

Often we do not know actually, there are several things that make the clutch components are prone to damage. Here are the things that can facilitate coupling components were damaged, among others:

Put a foot on the clutch pedal during vehicle running. It can accelerate wear on the release bearing and plate / clutch disc.
Restraining half clutch when the car in the ramp queue. It can accelerate damage to the clutch system. Too often feels vibrating machine that makes rubber barrier function engine (engine mounting) may also be disrupted. We recommend using the hand brake to hold the vehicle while it is queued on the ramp.
Treading rough and release the clutch. When done in a rude manner then sentukan plate / clutch disc against the flywheel (flywheel) will feel harder, it will accelerate the wear of the clutch system.

Clutch Care Tips

Checks and routine maintenance clutch.
Always use first gear for the early start the vehicle, as the use of teeth on it, will be burdened with excessive clutch and accelerate wear.
Neutralize the gear lever when stopped. Example: when stopped at a red light.

A common problem that occurs in the clutch

Clutch slippage.

As a result of clutch slippage, the vehicle can not run, less power, and can lead to wasteful of fuel, this is due to the engine power will not be distributed to the drive system (transmission) for plate / clutch disc is worn out.

Give way clutch.

As a result of coupling give way, the transmission lever can not / hard to move, this is due not to the separation plate / disc clutch with the engine because the power is transmitted from the pedal is not able to be forwarded to the clutch system.

The clutch cable broke, leaking clutch cylinder, and sun damaged a few things that make the power of the pedal can not be forwarded to the clutch system.

Sticky clutch.

As a result of the sticky clutch, the transmission lever can not / hard to not be moved because the clutch plate separation and machinery due to plate / clutch disc sticky. Cause Clutch as water or sticky mud into the area clutch system.

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