Here are just a few engine problems that hurt gas economic system

Written By George James on Sabtu, 19 April 2014 | 10.33

  • missing or faulty thermostat, causing low operating temperature
  • clogged consumption manifold exhaust crossover passage (for heating consumption manifold)
  • engine misfire brought on by dangerous spark plug, ignition wire, coil, dist. cap or rotor
  • late ignition timing
  • dangerous vacuum advance unit (widespread in old cars)
  • caught centrifugal advance mechanism in distributor (needs oil often)
  • bad stress adjustment of centrifugal advance springs
  • faulty oxygen sensor (causes rich combination)
  • faulty coolant temp. 
  • sensor for engine computer (causes wealthy combination)
  • worn timing belt (could cause rich gas combination in fuel injected vehicles with a MAP sensor)
  • incorrect timing belt installation (timing marks ought to line up)
  • sticking or poorly adjusted carburetor choke (causes wealthy combination)
  • dirty air filter on an engine with a carburetor (causes rich combination at high energy)
  • clogged or defective PCV valve
  • incorrect valve clearance (particularly if too tight)
  • excessive performance camshaft put in (not efficient at low power)
  • worn valve guides (makes gas mixture too lean at low energy)
  • vacuum leak from unhealthy vacuum hoses or intake system gaskets (causes lean combination)
  • dirty gasoline injectors
  • bad fuel stress regulator
  • dangerous MAP sensor for gas injection
  • leaking consumption duct between air stream sensor and throttle physique
  • too much alcohol in gasoline with previous automobile (requires carb. modification for correct mixture)
  • rusted or missing exhaust warmth stove or pipe for heated air intake
  • lack of compression stress as a result of worn rings or leaking valves
  • sticking EGR valve (causes tough idling and rich mixture on some engines)
  • exhaust backpressure attributable to clogged catalytic converter, muffler or crushed pipe
  • caught exhaust manifold valve for some V kind engines. Meant for quick heat up.

written by : George James ~All About Autos

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