Tips on how to properly replace a car battery

Do you want to replace your car battery? but you do not know how install car battery? Looks like installing a car battery is very easy for some people,, just stay open two poles in a way to loosen the bolt. But if you are wrong in the wiring of your car battery poles,, it could cause damage to the electrical system of your car battery.

Here are some things you should consider when replacing a car battery in order to minimize the error rate while changing the car battery.

 You must ensure that your car key in the off position.
Set aside some time to make sure there are no electrical components in the car are still alive for the rest of the flow of electricity from the battery.

If the key in the on state, it is very dangerous because it can cause sparks.
To disconnect the cable, first unplug the negative prioritizing new unplugged positive. This is done so that no sparks when removing the cable.

When you install a new battery, the first thing you should do is put the positive cable and negative afterwards.

When installing a new battery, you need to install the battery in accordance with the standards, because if it does not fit will affect the electrical work in your car.

For some cars needed to reset electronic control unit (ecu) when setting up a new car battery.

Usually if it does not reset the car electrical work will not function properly, such as power windows are not working, central lock can not function and so the use of the battery power source.

Substitution of batteries should be performed if the battery is in a state of disrepair and can not be repaired anymore, such as battery cells that had been burned, short-circuit and so on.

Hopefully by reading this article, you already know how to change a car battery without having to come to the shop and spend that much.

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