Tips on caring for your car paint to keep it like new car

While still a new car , car owners generally diligently to clean and care for her , but over time the habit is reduced and the paint is slowly becoming dull . Yet when selling a car , prospective buyers will see if the body of the car is smooth or not . And the paint is the first order that note , followed by the car frame and engine .

In addition to the personal satisfaction of the appearance of the car , taking care of his cat on a regular basis also maintain the selling price of the car . And here are some tips to take care of :

Car wash

Car wash is a preliminary step to taking care of the car paint . While the dry season , which is just a car park though still exposed to dust and will look dirty . And while the use of the rainy season resulted in the attachment of various impurities are distributed over the entire body of the car .

Do not let the dirt cling too long . When no longer needed , take a moment and immediately wash your car . Because the waste is left too long will cause the crust on the surface of the paint , and rainwater left alone will cause mildew and scar .

But it is not just douse the car wash with clean water or melapnya . There are several things to consider when doing a car wash . Time is a good car wash when the weather conditions are not too hot , like early in the morning or evening . Do not guakan water pressure is too great when spraying , so as not to damage the car paint .

Use similar CANEBO lap when drying , because the cloth has water absorption is quite high , so there is no residual water left in your car and leave their mark . Also, make sure before you have to rinse the car thoroughly and completely clean . Because the residual dust or dirt that can cause scratches still attached thin upon drying .

Use the Right Cleaning Means

You can find a wide range of car cleaning products on the market . Car Shampoo is one type of cleaning that you must have when washing the car . Do not choose a car shampoo simply by packaging with various properties it says and looks convincing , but recognize the content contained therein .

Do not use a shampoo that contains silicon and kerosene , because the content is made ​​quickly faded and the paint will look dull in the long-term use .

To make sure that you choose a shampoo that contains organic ingredients such as caolin clay (a type of mineral mud ) and carnauba wax ( candles made from palm trees ) .

Also make sure also that the product has been bearing the title of green internationally . And examine before purchasing , because currently many outstanding local products that claim green status without having the MSDS ( Material Safety Data Sheet ) .

Understand the difference polish with Protect

Who would not want to paint the car looks shiny ? For it is not rare to encounter the owner of the car that is cool to let the car polish or polished to appear shiny . But understand that the polish is not meant to protect .

Although after polished paint your car will look more bright and shiny , but be careful in its use . Polishers ( car polish / compound ) works by eroding layers of paint using abrasive materials . It actually shorten the life of your car paint . Therefore polishes its intended use , which is just to eliminate the thin scratches or brighten the color of paint that had been dull .

To care for and protect the paint , and simultaneously making it appear shiny , use special products such as wax at least twice a week . So paint your car protected and looked after brilliantly by coating , not erode it .

Avoid Cause Damage

By knowing what causes the damage to the car paint (other than collision ) , then you can avoid or mangambil preventive measures . The following are some of the causes of damage to car paint :

- Gloves Car Cover

Gloves or indeed effective car cover protects the car from sun and dust . But if the material used is translucent water , the protector can actually be a boomerang . The car is in a closed state rain makes the water trapped below. Once the lid is opened , it will be directly visible mold attached to the surface of the paint .

- Dirt Bird

Bird droppings contain chemicals that can react to the paint . Therefore, do not let the bird droppings too long attached to the surface of the paint as it will cause spotting very difficult to remove . Immediately wash with water .

- Gum Tree

To avoid sunburn in the open , one effective way is to park the car under a tree . But the fruit or tree sap can damage the paint fall . If you are new , this dirt can be cleaned with water , but if left long , tree sap can react with the paint causing scars or spots that can not be eliminated even with a polished . That is because the reaction has penetrated deeply into the pores of the paint most .

- Fluid Electrolyte Accu

The liquid electrolyte batteries that have been reacted with the cell membrane actively accu also is the main enemy of paint . So when adding the liquid electrolyte batteries jangansampai too full . Because spills and fumes can damage the paint . When this happens immediately flush the affected areas immediately with warm water electrolyte batteries . This should be done as soon as possible . Because , if these droplets or liquid spills on the surface of the paint more than a few seconds , then it is possible that the part is no longer able to be cleaned and re-painted .

- Brake

Despite the vital function of brake fluid is also very harmful to the paint . Especially the kind that is not neutral .

- Detergent

Do not use detergent or the like to wash the car , because it will make the paint becomes dull . There are several types of soap that trace when used for washing cars , and there is even a dab of soap containing granules which can lead to scratching the paint surface .

Hopefully the info useful in extending the life of the paint and beautify your car .