Tips on caring for diesel vehicles to prevent damage to the machine

Technological developments diesel vehicles make more and more refined consolation shouldn't be lost with gasoline-fueled vehicles .

Although previously referred to as the engine for heavy work , at this time's diesel cars are already growing . His voice was gentle , responsive , and environment friendly in fuel use .

Know-how to help efficiency diesel cars are already widely used . As with Frequent Rail fuel system , Exhaust Fuel Recirculating ( EGR ) on the exhaust system , and a Turbo Charger to extend vitality and enhance exhaust gasoline .

Though diesel engines are usually recognized powerful , ought to be commonly maintained in order to maintain its efficiency is maintained. In addition to common maintenance , have a day-to- day as follows :

First, use low sulfur diesel fuel , particularly for machines which can be already using Common Rail technology .

Using low sulfur diesel gas will affect ketarikan lighter and more refined engine sound will probably be . As well as , smoke from the exhaust will likely be cleaner .

Second , did the change diesel gas filter on a regular basis . The goal is that diesel gas that goes into the engine at all times clear , so there is no such thing as a interruption in the flow of gasoline going into the engine .

Third , the preliminary warm up sufficiently before the automobile is used so that the circulation of oil to the engine and turbocharger components can run properly .

Fourth , it isn't directly flip off the engine , particularly after the car driven at high pace .

The working temperature could be very excessive because the Turbo Charger pushed by the combustion engine exhaust gases , so as to not overheat , it takes a good cooling .

Cooling Turbo Charger use engine oil . If the engine dies , computerized oil supply be stopped and stopped cooling properly . Consequently , the cooling part turns into most Turbo Charger that can shorten the lifetime of the Turbo Charger .

Fifth , clear the gas filter if the gasoline filter indicator on the sprint is on.

When the indicator lights up , indicating that there's filth or water clog the gasoline filter . If not promptly drained , dust or water is prone to enter the gas system and will cause the machine to work completely even can't strike .

Sixth , clear the air filter regularly. Diesel engines require a variety of air so that complete combustion .

If clogged , in addition to extra extravagant , engine efficiency is lowered . Subsequently , the air filter must be saved clear so that more complete combustion .

Lastly, hold the volume of diesel gas within the gasoline tank is all the time more than one-third . The objective is to avoid condensation in the gas tank , so that raises the water vapor shall be blended with the fuel .

The amount of water content in diesel will lead to decreased quality of fuel , so the engine efficiency will lower sharply