Replace the oil filter car to avoid damage to your car

Caring for a vehicle not only to continue to bring the vehicle to a repair shop alone . As a car owner , you need to know a few guidelines to avoid another problem arises on your car . This guide provides several benefits to vehicle owners in selecting the type and quality of the filter or oil filter is appropriate when replacing engine oil .

Oil filter serves to maintain the quality of the oil that is always clean and filtered through a part of it . If the oil filter is not replaced in the long term can lead to engine malfunction and cause the Problems of the working components of the engine system .

Before dealing with the problem is worse on your vehicle , vehicle owners are advised to replace the oil filter every 10,000 miles . But before you should consider replacing some of the following:

Use the original oil filter . Do not use artificial oil filter because it was feared interior contains objects that could damage the filter kompenen . Besides artificial filters or cheap brands using low-quality paper that is not durable to filter out impurities .

Before installing the oil filter , make sure it is always clean all parts of the filter surface dirt especially . Note the top of the existing oil filter paper protector . Make sure the part was already opened when the filter will be installed . Then after the machine is turned on , see if the engine oil leak around the oil filter

When replacing the oil filter should be offset by a more than ordinary oil . Pay attention to your car . If every 1,000 miles , car engine oil you need to add , it may indicate there is something abnormal on the machine .

For example, the piston ring is worn. Use pressure test kits to detect the damage .

Based on that information , the vehicle owner is expected to take appropriate steps and can observe the type of standard filters are installed to prevent vehicles fitted with low-grade oil filter

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