Matic driving tips for beginners

Driving a car for beginners sometimes find a variety of obstacles , including for those who are new to the automatic transmission car

However , these obstacles can be overcome .
Here are some tips for those of you who are still in the stage adaptation or adjustment to the automatic transmission vehicle .

First , note the position of the gear lever and the replacement sequence ,
You have to memorize up to really master .

Understand the meaning and function of each symbol contained in the automatic transmission ( P , R , N , D , 2 & 1 or L ) . P ( Park ) to lock the transmission entirely and used the car when parking .

Then R ( Reverse ) functions the same as a manual car , which is a position that is used to make the car move backward . N ( Neutral ) also has the same function as neutral on a manual car .

D ( Drive ) is a position that is used in everyday driving in normal road conditions . 2 ( Gear 2 ) and 1 ( Gear 1 ) or L is used in the face uphill road conditions to maintain the stability of the vehicle .

Second , get used to free the left foot off the clutch , two- pedal automatic car available , namely the gas pedal and brake pedal .

Third , get used to the brakes every time you change the transmission , so when replacing the transmission , the car does not run itself .

Fourth , if there is a hill across the road or state road riding , you should move the transmission to position L.

Lastly, understand the function of the hold button . The button is a locking feature and can be operated when the gear lever is in a position D

Hopefully Helpful