How to prevent a crust on the bike and your car

The combustion chamber is the most important part in an engine oil-fueled motorcycle vehicle. Due to the combustion process is a source of power for the vehicle and whether or not perfect combustion process is crucial large-size power.

Although motorcycle or car manufacturer has designed its products powerful, not least the fact that the vehicle is not powered.

The main cause is the combustion process in the combustion chamber is not perfect since it is crusty space,,

There are several factors that cause rapid combustion chamber in the engine crusty ..
Poor fuel quality or low octane level, the number of elements of paraffin, sulfur, and others.
In addition, oil and dust into the fuel combustion also cause imperfections.

It is recommended to prevent the owner of the motor.
In addition, regularly clean the combustion chamber every time the motor has a distance of 10 thousand kilometers.

So, like how to purge it?

Here are tips to prevent rapid engine crusty

1. Prevention

As a precaution to prevent the crust in the combustion chamber, you should frequently check the seals, valves, and immediately replace the piston and piston rings are worn.
If the item was problematic, the oil will seep into the combustion chamber.

The oil will also burned during the combustion process. Besides causing dense smoke, also leaving the crust in the engine combustion chamber.

Additionally, the air filter should be cleaned frequently.
Minimum of three months the device should be cleaned.
When the filter cells has worn, you should immediately change.
Because, if that happens, the dust from the air will get into the suction channel and go in in the combustion chamber.

At the time that the combustion process, dust is mixed with the fuel to catch fire and leaving a crust

Another thing worth noting is that changing the oil regularly. That way, when a seal or a valve problem in the engine, oil is still seeping good category. As a result, the impact was not as severe as the oil that has been worn or stale.

Do not forget to use the fuel in accordance with the degree of compression or high-octane machine, just to be safe

2. Clean the crust with cleaning fluid

When this type and brand of descaling fluid in the combustion chamber has been widely sold in hardware stores and motorcycle accessories. Shaped in a can with a spray system

How to use it is also quite easy.
However, if you feel able to bring the vehicle to a repair shop favorite known.

If you want to do it yourself, here's how:

First, open the first channel of the air filter to the carburetor. Then the liquid sempotkan the intake tract.

Second, turn on the engine with an electric starter and pull the lever or crank up the gas engine rotation rate (RPM) high.
At the same time, re-spray the cleaner into the mouth or opening the carburetor, but the engine does not try to die. Repeat several times until the engine and let it die.

Third, after the engine dies for 10-20 minutes, re-activate. Pull lever up to the gas engine rotation speed being.
See if exhaust belching thick white smoke? If yes, continue to pull the gas lever many times.

3. Cleaning is another way

Besides that way, you can also try other ways as follows.
First, heat the motor until warm. Then, remove the spark plugs and spray the hole into the engine through the spark plug hole. After waiting 10-20 minutes.

The next step, switch or starter motorcycle back and cover the spark plug hole with a clean cloth and cling to the fabric as much as possible in order not to loose.
Then, take a look at is there a crust granules stuck in the machine? Or is there any fluid?

After that, replace the spark plug and turn on the machine. Pull the lever on the gas a few times. Notice if there is white smoke billowing from the exhaust? If so, then the crust has melted and the back shed or burned.

Hopefully Helpful