How to care for car air conditioning to be more durable

One part of the car that is very important is the AC (Air Conditioning) the most important part that always gives you coolness in middle jam when you're driving,,

AC car is one component that easily fall apart if we can not care for it properly,,

You can imagine if one day your car air conditioner was broken,, you certainly will not feel comfortable in the car, therefore you should always check the condition of your car air conditioning,,

Here I will give some tips for caring for a car air conditioner

1. Do not smoke in the car, because it can reduce the performance of the air filter, because cigarette smoke and dust can greatly affect the performance of air filters, so you should kalopun forced to smoke in the car, try to open the glass of your car, so cigarette smoke could get out and do not impede the performance of the filter AC

2. Note the cleanliness of the interior of your car, as this is one of the factors that lead to reduced air conditioning performance,, so it is better to clean your car interior from dust from the dashboard, carpet, ceiling of the car and your car seat,,

3. Regularly servicing your car air conditioner so that you always get the perfect performance car air conditioning,, do it at least 7 months to check the condition of your car,,

4. Replace your air filter if it is felt to have decreased performance of your car air conditioner filters

A few articles about car care tips to make it more durable ac

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